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Where, Oh, Where, Have the Updates Gone?


I must apologize for the lack of updates. I mentioned that I was having scanner issues, turns out it was actually my computer…my very old and much loved computer…giving me problems. It’s going on 8 years old and just can’t keep up like it used to. So I have ordered the parts to build a new one and should have new updates soon!

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  • chicgeek

    Eep! Good luck with the computer.

  • Ozymanlomon

    (in all caps) Yey! Good luck with the computer too

  • benning

    Gettin’ closer? :O

  • benning

    Haven’t got that ‘pooter built yet? :O

  • maarvarq

    I only discovered this strip a few weeks ago and hope that you overcome your computer problems and gift us more stories of the girls. Oh well, I’ve subscribed to the RSS, so I guess I’ll see. All the best!

  • Michael

    I promise there are new strips coming soon. I’ve just been swamped with other stuff.

  • Phoenix

    Just to let you know, there are still people waiting for the updates.

  • benning

    It’s 2014! We miss you … we miss Alice! :D